citrus-roundupBlood orange and Rio Red grapefruit, Meyers and Mandarins, kumquats and Cara Caras and lemons galore: for a local eater in New York, I sure am fond of citrus. Though citrus doesn’t grow here in the Northeast (at least not outdoors), it does have a season, and winter is it. I’m happy to ship citrus from sunnier climes as a once-a-year indulgence and while I do use lemons in my cooking year-round, winter is the time to really indulge in the more exotic varieties, and to make plans for putting up the season’s bounty. After the hectic pace of the holidays, I like nothing more than to order from some of my favorite, small-farm, organic citrus producers, settle in with a few good cookbooks (and blogs), and plan the year’s citrus orgy.

In scrolling through some of my own favorite recipes from seasons past, I realized that it was not an easy task to find recipes involving citrus unless I happened to have a particular recipe in mind. Hence to make my life (and yours, I hope) a little easier in the new year, I gathered together all of the citrus-centric recipes herein. For those of you in citrus-producing states: be grateful and enjoy your bounty. For those of us in the frigid North: order some citrus, support a small farmer, and indulge while they’re in season. It will be, after all, quite some time before the first strawberry appears!

citrus-breafastBREAKFAST & BAKED GOODS

citrus-startersSIDES & STARTERS




Up to date as of 14 January 2014, feta & preserved lemon scones.


  1. i love your lists! don’t stop presenting them! this one especially as i am a lover of citrus and this page is making my mouth pucker, er, water.

    i am about to order my ruby reds right now.

  2. I’m back here looking for the lazy lady link and I just want to say again that I love, love, love your new logo header. for a geek like me it pulls the whole page together into near visual perfection! good stuff!

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