Read Local

Great books, blogs and other media to explore and inspire your local eating adventure.


  • Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan.    “If you read only one book this year…..”
  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver.  A book, a blog, recipes and stories.  This book inspired me to grow my first tomatoes and make my own cheese!
  • Plenty: The 100-Mile Diet, Alisa Smith and J.B. McKinnon.  Another book-and-a-blog, this is an amusing and often heartfelt story of the triumphs and challenges of eating locally in Vancouver, BC.
  • Coming Home to Eat, Gary Paul Nabhan.  A dedicated locavore, Gary Nabhan writes, lectures and works tirelessly to promote & save local food networks.  Not only does he talk the talk – this hard-core locavore packs dry-roasted grasshoppers as plane snacks and contemplates the legality of eating road-kill javelina from his home in Arizona.img-homegrown
  • Homegrown: Pure & Simple, Michel Nischan.  Nischan is a world-renowed chef who is dedicated to fresh, locally-produced, flavorful and healthful meals.  He lives & cooks in Connecticut so this cookbook is a great resource for Northeast-local cooking.
  • Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser.  A book and a movie, this one will make you want to know where your food comes from!
  • Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, Kingry & Devine. The essential home manual for canning everything and anything.
  • Gourmet Preserves, Madeline Bullwinkel.  My “other” preserve bible – many no- or low-sugar jam recipes.
  • Botany, Ballet & Dinner from Scratch, Leda Meredith.  A memoir with recipes from Brooklyn locavore Leda Meredith.
  • The Gardener’s A to Z Guide to Growing Organic Food, Tanya Denckla.  The organic gardening bible.
  • Edible Wild Plants, Lee Allen Peterson.  The best of the local foraging guides.
  • Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and not so wild) Places, Wildman Steve Brill. Local foraging guide with hand-drawn illustrations from the “Wildman” himself.


  •  An environmental news website, with a blog (Gristmill), that often reports on local and sustainable food news & issues.
  • Leda’s Urban Homestead  A dancer, gardener, forager and locavore living in Brooklyn. Handy recipes & resources.
  • Katonah Green.  Green news, tips and advice in and around Katonah, NY.
  • You Grow Girl.  Gardening site with a focus on space-saving, environmentally sound, frugal and fun growing.
  • Local Food Rocks.  Local foodie and Natural Princess Alicia Ghio blogs from in and around Danbury, CT.
  • Living in a Local Zone.  Living local in Newington, CT.




  • Radius Map.  Find your own 100-mile, or 250-mile, or 33.7-mile radius for your own local eating life. (Use “prntscrn” key to capture the image of your map for printing or pasting into your own blog.)

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