Holiday Party Menu 2014


The menu for this year’s Christmas party was pretty epic, if I do say so myself: bourbon-glazed pork belly, savory cheddar shortbreads, grilled skirt steak tacos, an amazing maple-mustard pulled pork, and more nibbles than you think you could possibly go through, but go through we did.

I never get the chance to take photos; the light is Christmas-tree festive, but horrible for photography, and I’m always too busy running around and cooking to even think of it (hence I’ve taken just a few shots of the aftermath and shared them below). But I wanted to remember the various dishes for this party, because people raved about almost every single thing. It was hard to pick a clear winner from the evening’s food experiments: pork belly, roasted jalapeños, cheddar shortbreads, the amazing Johnnycake beef skirt steaks, moan-worthy maple-mustard pulled pork; hard to go wrong with any of them. And since I cooked enough for an invading horde of Dothrakis, yet there were no leftovers, obviously my party guests agreed. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration for your own holiday gatherings.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Holiday Party Menu 2014


cheese tray

 aged New York cheddar, KunikSaint-Andre

calabrese salame, applewood-smoked wild boar salame

nectarine meyer butter, plum jam with preserved lemon, curried apple chutney

flatbread crackers, Wave Hill bread crostini

 preserved lemon hummus

sliced red & yellow bell pepper

savory cheddar shortbreads

this Martha recipe, with WW pastry flour and 1 tsp smoked hot paprika

Swiss chard & grilled pepper frittata bites

baked in a lasagna pan and cut into small squares

Lina’s guacamole

lime, cilantro, tomato, red onion

seedy brittle

stuffed-jalapenoHORS D’OEUVRES

 roasted jalapeños

goat cheese & smoky chile cherries

bourbon-glazed pork belly bites

this BBC recipe, with Flying Pigs pork, nectarine plum butter in place of the ketchup, and a bit more honey in the glaze


taco bar

homemade blue corn tortillas

grilled skirt steak

Johnnycake Mountain grass-fed beef with salt, pepper, chipotle, olive oil

spicy maple-mustard pulled pork

this BBC recipe with Flying Pigs pork, half the salt, bourbon brown sugar mustard, and 3 tbsp of ground ancho in place of the mustard powder

lime & cumin black beans

this Martha recipe with beans cooked from dry, bean broth replacing water, and 1 tbsp of cumin

slivered red cabbage

fresh sunflower shoots

mild red salsa

salsa verde

fermented chile sauce

curried winter squash soup

vegan, with corn stock & Worcestershire for umami, never made it out of the fridge


Mom’s lemon pound cake

 sweet cherry & rhubarb galette

 chocolate chip cookies, cranberry-nut cookies, cupcakes, ginger snaps, chocolate cookies

all brought by party guests

vanilla bean ice cream, heavy cream for whipping, coffee

never made it out


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