Glass Food Storage + Giveaway Winner!

duralex-glassPlastic: it’s amazing, isn’t it? From the finest fishing line to the sturdiest industrial shelving, plastic is flexible and solid, transparent and opaque, fabric and furniture. If you consider plastic syringes, infant car seats, Kevlar body armor and a host of other applications, it’s clear that plastic saves lives. But one thing it doesn’t do well? Store food.

The National Resources Defense Council has a comprehensive round-up of the problems with storing food in plastic, from environmental (“producing a 16 oz. PET bottle generates more than 100 times the toxic emissions to air and water than making the same size bottle out of glass“) to sustainability (petroleum is a non-renewable resource and only about 7% of manufactured plastic is recycled annually) to personal health (dioxins, phthalates and BPA, oh my!). Although the FDA continues to maintain that our current levels of exposure to BPA are considered safe, they offer the consumer advice on reducing BPA exposure. The National Toxicology Program admits to “some concern” for adverse effects of BPA on fetuses, infants and children at current human exposures.

Not to be all conspiracy-theorist, but it’s not just BPA. Ten years from now, there will be another BPA-esque boogeyman and industry will scramble to reinvent the plastic wheel once more. And that’s not to say that I’m completely anti-plastic (reference life-saving applications above): it’s just that it really doesn’t make sense for food storage. Glass is inert, a renewable resource, a less destructive manufacturing process, durable, attractive, and oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

duralex-glassThe one area where glass food storage doesn’t beat plastic? Price: glass food containers are notoriously expensive. I’ve been slowly (oh, so slowly) building up my supply of glass food storage containers, everything from Ball & Weck jars to glasslocks, from stylie counter-top storage to a couple of ancient Italian glass containers that I bought at Conran’s in Boston (I’m really dating myself now). So when Mighty Nest got in touch and asked me to partner with them in spreading the glass food storage love, I jumped at the chance.

Mighty Nest sent me the Lys Square 6-piece nesting food storage set from Duralex and also a set of 6 Lys Calotte pasta or salad bowls. I’ve long been a fan of Duralex tempered glass – in fact, I have some of their stacking kitchen bowls – and who doesn’t love the iconic French bar tumbler, the Picardie? The great thing about this food storage set is that all of the sizes nest within one another (very important in a 64 sf kitchen). The largest size is perfect to hold a big batch of soup, while the smallest is great for pesto, chopped herbs, peeled garlic. They are freezer and microwave safe, and sturdy enough for banging around in my most hectic kitchen days. The one thing I would change about these is the lid: it seems to fit a bit loosely, so that if the container is at all over full, the lid will not fit snugly. The pasta bowls (the Lys Calotte plate) will come in handy for holiday entertaining and are a good shape either for pasta or salad or to act as serving dishes at a party or holiday meal.

Consign those mis-matched takeout containers to the recycling bin, and give glass a try. You’ll be glad you did. The giveaway is open to all with a US shipping address (sorry, far-flung peeps!): one lucky winner will win a 6-piece set of Duralex food storage containers and a set of 6 Lys Calotte bowls.

Lastly, Food in JarsAutumn Makes and DoesThe Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, and Tasty Yummies are all hosting Duralex giveaways this week thanks to Mighty Nest. So much glass for your kitchen: so little time.

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random-smallUpdate: Congratulations to winner Nicole, with comment 59, who says: “I JUST moved out from living with a roommate who owned a massive set of glassware–and I’m missing it sorely! So far, I’ve used a lot of canning jars that I have, including saving old jam jars, mustard jars, etc. Bought fabric to make bowl covers instead of using plastic wrap, and I also use a fabric bag instead of plastic ziplocs for transporting dry goods.” Be on the look-out for your new glassware in the mail from Mighty Nest, Nicole, and enjoy!

For those of you who didn’t win, check out Mighty Nest’s collection of Duralex online: maybe drop a hint to a certain jolly guy in a red suit? Mighty Nest has a great track record for shipping glass safely, carefully wrapped in recyclable materials. Thanks again to Mighty Nest & Duralex for sponsoring such a generous giveaway.

Disclosure: Mighty Nest provided the Duralex glass food storage set and the Calotte bowls for my use & review, and will supply the same for the giveaway winner. Other than these products, I received no compensation for writing this post. As always, my opinions remain my own.


  1. mardi

    in addition to using glass for food storage, i also use small fabric pouches to carry snacks instead of plastic baggies.

  2. I am slowly replacing the plastic storage containers with glass containers. I’ve been using my canning jars to store a lot of things but I would love to have a set like this!

  3. nancy0204

    I am slowly replacing our plastic storage containers with glass. Been using a lot of my canning jars for storage which work well. I would love to win this set!

  4. Oops. I forgot to list these separately. #1. I try to reduce plastic usage in my kitchen by storing food in glass as much as possible. If only my containers had good lids so I could bring them to work!

  5. Katie

    We are trying to switch over to glass as well! I picked up a nice set at Costco last year that has locking lids so nothing leaks, which is great, but we still end up using a lot of plastic tupperware. I’ve been wanting some of the stainless steel containers too, but so expensive! Canning jars are great, I use them for storing everything.

  6. Vanessa V

    I just re-arranged my kitchen so that glass storage is front and center. We’ve replaced all shopping bags with canvas (this habit modification took some time). All the plastic is gone!

  7. I have also been slowly amassing a glassware collection much like yours. I keep some BPA-free plastic on hand for travel, but there’s a few containers I still have that I’d like to give the old heave-ho. This might be my chance!!

  8. 1) We use a lot of canning jars to store leftovers which is really nice, I’ve purchased the one piece screw tops. We also use leftover wine bottles for any sort vinegar/oil/liquid storage.

    • Trying to switch over to mostly glass food storage. I still struggle with economical and safe options for kids lunch containers though 🙂 This set looks lovely.

  9. cinnamonchai

    following mighty nest on pinterest
    (sorry if this is redundant, not all of my comments are showing up as awaiting moderation)

  10. Colette

    We buy raw milk directly from a local farmer and put it in large glass ball jars. We usually store our leftovers in glass jars/dishes as well. I would love to eliminate plastic from my kitchen entirely!

  11. Karen

    I’ve been trying to replace all old tupperware with glass containers. It’s hard, plastic is in so many things.

  12. I JUST moved out from living with a roommate who owned a massive set of glassware–and I’m missing it sorely! So far, I’ve used a lot of canning jars that I have, including saving old jam jars, mustard jars, etc. Bought fabric to make bowl covers instead of using plastic wrap, and I also use a fabric bag instead of plastic ziplocs for transporting dry goods.

  13. Cyn

    Hi – I already ‘liked’ Local Kitchen, and now also like Mighty Nest!! I use mason jars whenever possible to store stuff to avoid plastic. Would love to get rid of all the plastic in my kitchen!!

  14. Elizabeth Rothman

    I am hooked on the sun-dried tomatoes in oil from Costco, and a great plus is the nice glass jars they come in, which I re-use for storage of cereal, baking ingredients, rice, pasta, and also soups and stews. (I have a lot of them!) I also use canning jars- with, I admit, the plastic screw-on lids you can buy to fit them- to store smaller quantities of things, and pyrex storage containers with great-fitting rubber lids.

  15. Elizabeth Rothman

    P.S. I liked Mighty Nest and Local Kitchen on Facebook, and am now following Mighty Nest on Pinterest. I have re-posted pages from Local Kitchen on my Facebook page for years now, don’t know why I never thought to look for your page there! Keep up the great work, and the great recipes.

  16. SJ Smith

    Eating less prepared and pre-packaged foods. It’s amazing how little trash I have when I cook with fresh ingredients. Example: A fresh yam vs. a can of yams? One less can. One less BPA can liner used. And the peels feed the compost or chickens. It just so happens I also grow them, so not even the bags from the store are needed. Another example: Applesauce…. made from scratch. If I make extra, it goes into Ball jars and only the lid is trash. No plastic jar and lid to dispose of. Only the peels and seeds, which lately I’ve even been running those through my juicer’s wider screen, resulting in a small bit of scrap for the hens and compost pile. I would sure love to win the glass containers though. Just so happens I’m still using a few plastic ones to store the extra meat. I cook up one chicken and it makes at least three meals for us, four if you count the soup stock made from the bones.

  17. Cee

    We use glassware at home for storage, and I have a little bento style metal lunchbox for my daughter to avoid using plastic baggies or plastic tupperware.

  18. jeri

    Like you I am slowly replacing plastic with glass. and reusing glass jars until build a collection of pretty jars.

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  20. Keli

    I’ve been on a plastic purge on my house for about 2 years now. It’s a process for sure! I’ve been using my Ball canning jars (inherited a ton from my grandmas, mother, and local Amish people I’ve been neighbors with) to store my food stuff in. Of course, it’s not always the easiest storage solution.

  21. I freeze in jars instead of ziplocs, when the application applies. I also replaced those plastic pantry containers with glass jars. It is a lengthy and expensive process, but its a step in the right direction! I still think that tupperware is much easier to carry things line a salad in for lunch. Glass is sooo heavy and it seems kind of silly for things like salad.

  22. Suzannah

    I would love to try these out! We’ve been making the switch over the years and some glassware is better than others, some are REALLY heavy and stay cold during a normal microwave heat time…

  23. Suzy

    I’ve been attempting to replace plastic containers in my kitchen with glass. Have a few glass containers, use canning jars and also use some cloth bags.

  24. MC

    I’m so glad you wrote about this today! I just had a serious confrontation with my storage containers cabinet the other day. I received a set of nice Tupperware for a wedding gift over eleven years ago and still have almost every piece. Everything else in the cabinet is from plastic containers we originally bought food in and reused for storage. I resolved to never buy plastic storage containers long ago, but I never microwave plastic, and therefore use up more dishes when reheating food to make sure I’m heating in glass. THEREFORE, what am I holding onto plastic storage containers for when storing them in glass is not only healthier for bodies and the environment, it also saves me doing extra dishes. I LOVE the few glass containers I have with lids and would LOVE to make the switch for good. Thankfully, I wouldn’t be putting more into recycling than I already would have with the food items, and I think it might be time to donate that Tupperware gift set…Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Sabrina

    Like most who have commented, I’ve been using mason jars for storage and am in the process of phasing out old plastic containers.

  26. Laura

    I have actually started packing my lunches in mason jars, although my gladware is hardly languishing in my cupboard. I am looking forward to replacing those larger plastic containers with glass!

  27. Naomi

    I have started using glass instead of plastics in the kitchen. I also use my own re-useable bags at the grocery store and I don’t wrap my produce in plastic.

  28. Madeleine

    and. . . I work really hard to reduce plastic, from carefully handwashing and reusing the plastic I have to replacing tupperware with pyrex glass, bringing metal silverware instead of disposable plastic, not using produce bags at the grocery store, etc.

  29. Kris

    We no longer use plastic cups or dishes (even for the kids) and I try to non-plastic containers for packing lunches. Replacing all the plastic food storage is tough (expensive), though.

  30. emilyj67

    All leftovers go in glass; lots of canning; lunches get packed in ss or glass — and I make all of our yogurt. 🙂

  31. Vivian Q.

    I have replaced all plastic storage with mason jars purchased @ mostly thrift stores and Weck jars purchased @ World Market. I also use fabric sandwich bags and pack all my breakfast and lunch foods in mason jars.

  32. I use glass mason jars — in all sizes — in my pantry to store grains, lentils and beans, oatmeal, granola, baking supplies etc. They are attractive AND help me to avoid plastic.

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  34. tash

    “What have you done, if anything, to reduce plastic use in your kitchen?“ Not as much as I would like. I am so afraid of it breaking. I do store leftovers in the fridge in canning jars or ceramic bowls.

  35. lora

    I’ve switched over all my dry good storage to glass and I often store leftovers in jars or on dishes.
    These look very nice and more convenient!

  36. Anduin

    To reduce plastic use in my kitchen, I have bought some glass storage containers and most recently I bought “bees wrap”, a reusable plastic wrap alternative made of muslin and beeswax.

  37. Lise

    Ooh, how I’d love a set of those! (Thanks for the chance.) I use mason jars and vintage pyrex for storage and have eliminated almost all plastic from my kitchen except for popsicle molds (stainless ones are on my wish list).

  38. Mer

    We try to buy in bulk and take (weighed and tared) mason jars to the market. If you buy the reusable plastic lids for the jars, you can write the tare weight on the lid with a sharpie.

  39. I tend to avoid using plastic for stuff I store that is for me. But when you are sharing leftovers like I do with my dad or brother, plastic is the best way since my glass never makes it back home to me. And using glass might be why I have so many canning jars. Oh wait, I have canning jars because I can too. Even got a friend to switch over to using them for taking her lunch to work.

    I like to buy vintage glass storage containers when I can find them reasonably priced. Best part of glass over plastic is I find it easier to store in my small kitchen.

  40. And this should be the last one, I subscribed to the MightNest mailing list as well. And am looking at their site and may be ordering this weekend. Lots of goodies there. (I think I hit all 8 since I did them all.)

  41. Nicole

    We’ve gone to stainless steel containers for lunch transport, use glass jars for dried beans and grains storage, and use enamel bowls for fridge storage and picnics. But we could definitely use more for the fridge!

  42. Cece

    I’ve stopped using plastic garbage bags! Really, my garbage is packaging for the vast majority. Organics go to the freezer for stock or to the compost pile, and those are usually what cause mess/odor. A reusable nylon bag works fine for everything else!

  43. Tamara Sz

    One thing I’ve done is use reusable snack bags/sandwich wraps for my son’s lunch. Also, try to drink out of glass!

  44. Jessica M.

    We have gotten rid of all plastic in our kitchen except for the utensil holder, ice cube trays, and our popcorn popper (which I want to replace with non- plastic. We use glass and stainless steel cups, glass containers, wooden cooking utensils, etc.

  45. Danna

    I try to keep plastic from entering my house. I really like shopping in the bulk bins and reusing containers to hold the goods.

  46. Corina D

    I have eliminated the use of plastic wrap in my house, and I’d love to replace my plastic containers. For now, I wrap food in my dinnerware and cover with aluminum foil whenever possible.

  47. Kim t

    In order to reduce my house holds plastic use, we threw out all our plastic food containers and only use glass and use reusable sandwich bags.

  48. Cortney Whitmore

    I have been cutting plastic out as much as possible, we use stainless water bottles and lunch boxes & store lots of dry gpods in mason jars & other glass storage vessels

  49. Grace

    We have gotten rid of all of our plastic storage containers. We have replaced them with things like canning jars and pyrex containers.

  50. Lindsay

    I am currently in the process of switching all of my freezer storage to glass jars instead of plastic bags.

  51. Nev

    I buy some kind of glass storage container every month and throw away a plastic one. I also have mason jars I use as storage containers and leave my canning mason jars for canning only.

  52. carleen

    I’ve always been a believer that storage in glass is much safer than plastic. so, I didn’t get on the band wagon buying tupperware,etc…The Duralex looks amazing. Its my new goal to get as many pieces as possible!!! I joined the mighty nest mailing list .thank you!!!!

  53. Colleen Galati

    I am converting all of my food storage containers to glass to reduce plastic use in my kitchen. I never use disposable utensils or cups either.

  54. Sarah G

    I’m running out of plastic items in my kitchen, replaced with glass/wood/ceramic. I still find myself using plastic bags in the bulk section when I forget to bring some from home (no koot sacs!), and I still wind up with plastic containers from yogurt/cottage cheese/sour cream. I’m trying to be better about buying my bulk items from stores that I can bring my jars to fill directly, and I’d like to make my own yogurt more consistently.

  55. I have been slowly but surely phasing out my plastic storage in the kitchen. I never microwave it, and I try not to put hot food in it or put it in the dishwasher. This would certainly speed up the process of getting rid of it!

  56. Bobi white

    I store leftovers in glass jars or ceramic dishes when I can… But still rely on plastic for much. After reading your post, will definitely try moving towards glass containers too.

  57. Wehaf

    We’ve been slowing replacing our plastic dishes (all gone now!), drinking glasses, food storage containers, and mixing bowls with glass or stainless steel ones. We are about 50% of the way done.

  58. Tara M

    I have switched to mostly glass containers. I have some pyrex rectangular ones and round ones. I am still trying my darndest to get my boyfriend to switch though!

  59. madisony57

    I use small canning jars for leftovers, and would like to get some larger class containers for storage in the fridge.

  60. Karla

    I make my own yogurt when I can, which reduces the amount of plastic I buy. Also, I bought a smaller kitchen garbage bin – the regular “kitchen size” was way too big for most weeks – and use compostable bags in it.

  61. jen

    we use glass containers for almost all food purposed. for the rare times we do use a ziploc bag, we always wash and reuse them until they develop holes.

  62. Cassie D

    I have stopped using plastic wrap for things, we are slowly changing all our storage and serving and eating dishes to glass, do have some plastic but they are bpa free

  63. Stacey

    We have gotten rid of all our plastic food storage, replaced plastic water bottles with steel and am working on phasing out plastic baggies.

  64. Aubrie

    I have been slowly updating my kitchen with healthier items, such as bamboo cutting boards, stainless steel kid’s cutlery, Duralex kids dishes, and stainless steel water bottles. Next up is my tupperware. I’d love to have this Duralex set in my kitchen.

  65. Tondi Greenberg

    I try to only use glass drinking glasses for my family and reusable containers in my boys lunch boxes!

  66. Bindu

    Most of my storage and lunch containers have been switched to glass or stainless steel. All plastic spatulas were tossed away. I use fabric snack bags for travel if not glass containers. I still have few more items to replace! We are getting there slowly. I’ve been using cloth bags for shopping for few years now and reuse plastic produce bags.

  67. A while back, I realized that if I am going to drink an occasional soda, it had to be from glass. It just tastes better. Much better. My eureka moment with glass though, was two summers ago. I had just cut up a watermelon and all I had on hand was a reused take out food container, a plastic storage container and a glass casserole dish with a lid. Fast forward a few days. The watermelon in the takeout container was mushy and stringy, the batch in the plastic container was similiar though slightly less scary and the portion in the glass container was perfect. I have been converting my food storage over to glass ever since. For the freezer, I like to use canning jars and then buy the plastic BPA free lids separately. They fit nicely into the freezer door and I can see what is inside. Food storage in glass is safer, lasts longer and tastes better. Thank you for the opportunity!

  68. Alicia

    I have started switching to glass food storage containers and use a lot more jars rather than plastic containers!

  69. Maria

    We only buy bulk foods in our own containers to help keep plastic out of our kitchen. We only use wood or metal utensils in the kitchen.

  70. Karolyn

    I have purchase mason jars for freezing soups and things and tossed the plastic. Also, we us glass water bottles.

  71. brittany

    we got rid of all our plastic tupperware for pyrex; we handwash our plastic tableware (we broke our old set and can only afford these, for now); we have a set of nice dishes that we use everyday, for every meal, but i already broke one plate! i only use non bleached,forest certified baking paper (recycle bank taught me about that one). oh! i have no teflon or non stick pans, either. been working on this for a year.

  72. Karen

    It’s been a process but it’s almost all glass and stainless steel for my kitchen! I even have some Duralex dinner plates, but no Duralex storage bowls with lids yet. That would make my kitchen complete!

  73. Holly

    I am slowly switching over to glass storage containers for leftovers. Mason jars are my go-to, but I’d love to have some containers that were stackable, for optimum fridge space.

  74. Megan

    We are currently using lots of Pyrex for leftovers but they aren’t so durable and their lids just don’t hold up to a family of 6. We also use a myriad of canning jars-so many jars for general good storage.
    I’m on the hunt for containers that are durable and long-lasting lids!

  75. Jenny

    I have switched my kids’ plastic cups and bowls to glass tumblers and bowls from Duralex! I also try to use glass storage containers whenever possible, but I still have some plastic containers that I need to get rid of. These glass storage containers from Duralex would be perfect!

  76. Megan

    I am no longer on Facebook but I liked mighty nest when I was:)
    I do subscribe to their newsletter-how I learned about your blog!
    I am not on twitter.
    I already follow mighty nest on Pinterest.
    Thank you!

  77. Sara

    I use glass storage jars but the plastic lids are fraying after repeated washings! Maybe these will be better than anchor or pyrex!

  78. pam

    We are replacing any plastic we can with glass or stainless. In the end, we will have little plastic – only where we need it for school events (where glass won’t work)

  79. Sue Burnet

    To reduce my plastic use I re-use glass jars from pasta sauce/pickles and have a fabric sandwich bag for my lunch.

  80. jsheets1

    done all except follow mighty nest on twitter and local kitchen on twitter.twitter would not let me follow sorry

  81. TOnya

    I did get rid of all plastic storage/lunch containers and purchased pyrex ones that don’t even spill when you trek to work!

  82. I have gotten rid of a lot of my old plastic containers and use vintage Pyrex and other glassware in my kitchen instead! Also, I don’t use many paper products; I only use fabric napkins, don’t buy paper plates anymore, and rarely use paper towels.

  83. To reduce plastic use I store food in glass, china, the pot I cooked it in,etc. I shop with reusable canvas bags. If I am taking food to a party I will cover it with a dish towel, rather than plastic wrap. I bake bread and store or transport it in paper bags. And I drink tap water, both in glasses and in a reusable bottle.

  84. holly

    I’ve never been a huge fan of plastic, but getting rid of ziplock bags for freezing and liquidy items is an area I haven’t figured out yet. And I have to say i love how many of duralex’s items are stackable.

  85. Flan

    We’ve been replacing our plastic food storage gradually, but stackable lidded glass containers big enough for a big piece of leftovers are the glass storage holy grail to me!

  86. md Kennedy

    What have you done, if anything, to reduce plastic use in my kitchen? I wash and reuse any plastic baggies and have vowed to never buy another one!

  87. xmasberry

    trying to find a good alternative to ziplocks for liquidy items… mostly plastic-free in my house. I love how duralex has a lot of stackable items.

  88. April

    We have made efforts to replace plastic containers with glass or BPA free. We are also planning on replacing our straws with some that are stainless steel (breaks less than glass). Thanks!

  89. whoa- very small chance to win with all the comments so far, but I do believe in lessening the plastics we use. I keep leftovers in glass, and also recently switched to soups in the rectangular containers rather than BPA-lined aluminum cans.

  90. Tina McElhattan

    I’m slowing get rid of plastic containers and replacing with plastic. I use stainless steel and glass straws, Stainless steel and glass kanteens/glasses. And I just bought and received some stainless steel snack containers. Replaced baggies and plastic sandwich containers with fabric sandwich bags. Really making a huge effort to improve.

  91. EL

    The problem (or perhaps the good) is that I really don’t use much plastic at all (I have one drawer, that’s it — and it contains silicone containers as well at plastic and isn’t full). So difficult to reduce more except by buying less (and I am working on that). With that said: Glass for food storage and cooking. Silicone (also inert) for food handling and utensils (where I don’t use metal, glass or wood. Silicone popsicle molds (to replace the plastic).

  92. Tina McElhattan

    I retweeted about the giveaway from MightNest (include @local_kitchen and @MightyNest) and made it a favorite. Hope that works, not really sure how to create a new tweet with tags.

  93. sandy

    I have been following Mighty nest on FB. I am asking for glass containers for Christmas. But would love to win these.

  94. sandy

    I just liked Local Kitchen on FB. I can’t wait to read what they have to say. I would follow on Twiter too but I don’t tweet. 🙂

  95. Kristin

    So far we’ve moved to reusable sandwich bags and glass containers for lunches to get away from plastic bags; replacing plastic glasses and dishware are next.

  96. I’ve been gradually getting rid of all the plastic storage containers in my kitchen, and replacing them with glass containers or just using mason jars.

  97. Jessica P.

    To reduce the use of plastic we’ve got some glass containers to store food, but also we try to never heat anything in plastic.

  98. Toyia

    I use mason jars for almost all of my fod storage, but would love to relegate them back to ‘canning purpose’!

  99. I haven’t reduced the plastic in my kitchen yet but I’ve been eyeing glass storage containers for a long time and wishing that I could afford to buy some. Hopefully I’ll be lucky and win some.

  100. I buy very few things that come in plastic. ..I will sometimes buy something just for the glass jar it comes in! I take my glass jars to Whole Foods and have them weighed before filling then with bulk items like popcorn, oats, nuts, etc. We also store leftovers in glass jars or in a cereal bowl with a plate for a cover.

  101. Jennifer Reed

    I unfortunately have not done anything yet to reduce plastic use in my kitchen. I need to start somewhere.

  102. majorasue

    I’ve been slowly chipping away at my old plastic storage bowls, getting rid of them as I lose lids or things warp. Haven’t really gotten around to replacing them yet, so these would be great to have. Lately, I’ve been using mason jars to store quite a bit of stuff in the fridge.

  103. Mary

    Like you, I have started building up my glass & stainless steel food storage collection. Bye bye plastic! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  104. Heather Laidlaw

    I’ve been asking elderly friends for their unused glass jars. I’ve minimized consumption of store bought spices in plastic and replaced them with home grown and foraged herbs & spices in beautiful old-fashioned jars. Next, I’ll tackle the freezer.

  105. Erin

    “What have you done, if anything, to reduce plastic use in your kitchen?“ I have gotten rid of our plastic storage containers for glass anchor ones, mason jars, and reusing jars from other food things, but dang, now I’m sad my anchor bowls don’t stack cause they take up a LOT of room!

  106. I purged myself of nearly all my plastic containers this fall, to make room for my canned goods!! I finally bought an All American pressure canner and am loving it!! Now, I have less need for plastic storage containers, and have a little more room in my freezer, too!!

  107. I have almost gotten rid of all plastic use in my home, but still need to win these lovely storage containers. My home is lacking in the storage, but can’t afford to buy these:) I have “Liked Mighty nest and Local Kitchen on Facebook, I follow Mightynest on Pintrest, and also on the mailing list. thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  108. We have gotten rid of a lot of plastic in our kitchen by switching to glass and also stainless steel for food storage. I have some great glass canisters, lidded containers, and use a lot of glass jars for keeping food.

  109. I’d like to replace some of my plastic tupperwares with glass ones. Thank you for the great links at the top of the post, by the way! It’s great to read about *why* plastics are not good, and which ones specifically, instead of fomenting generalized plastic anxiety–because not all plastics are the same, and some are more harmful than others.

  110. Karen Keller

    There are 8 possible entries per person:
    Yesterday, I left a message on this blog about ways that I have reduced plastic in my Kitchen.
    I am already on the Mighty Nest mailing list
    I already Like Mighty Nest on Facebook
    I now Like Local Kitchen on Facebook
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  111. sarah w

    I’ve been making an effort, & haven’t had plastic wrap in the kitchen for a couple months now. I’m not throwing my tuppers away, but I find they don’t get much use now I’ve started investing in glass. It works so much better!

  112. Cindy

    I have been starting to think that glass is better than plastic for food. I have purchased a couple lunch size glass bowls. I reuse jars a lot.

  113. Lis

    Same as you. Building up my “glass only” supply little by little as I see things on sale, etc. I’m simply choosing to throw the plastic away!

  114. Kerry

    I use canning jars for various storage. Much of the plastic we use for storage is repurposed from store-bought items.

  115. I’ve eliminated ALL the plastic food storage containers from my house as well as all plastic drinkware. The only plastic still lingering in my kitchen is a set of measuring cups and spoons. I asked for a stainless set of each for Christmas so I’m hoping I can ditch those as well.

  116. Cynthia PH

    What have you done, if anything, to reduce plastic use in your kitchen? Ive actually slowly but surely removed all plastic and plastic derived instruments. Wooden spoons for me!

  117. Devon H

    I am slowly building up a supply of glass storage. Almost all bulk profits are in glass, and I have some for fridge use, but this set would help banish the last of the plastic!

  118. Emily

    Have already gotten rid of plastic-ware in my kitchen years ago….just glad word is finally getting around! I would actually gift this to a friend who still believed in the “p” word in her kitchen.

  119. Holly Flowers

    I bought a couple dozen genuine antique blue Ball glass canning jars with the original aged screw on metal caps. They are recycled and beautiful displays. But, for in frig storage this glass set would be nice to have.

  120. Amy

    Like you, I’m slowly replacing the plastic in my kitchen with glass, a few pieces at a time. So this would be awesome 🙂

  121. KayDawn McCoy

    I am signed up for the Mighty Nest newsletter, I like their FB page as well as yours, And I am now making my kids use glass bowls whenever they use the microwave. I am getting glass bowls at yard sales instead of plastic from the stores! 🙂
    These bowls would be great so I could get rid of my plastic cottage cheese containers!

  122. Andrea

    We’ve gotten rid of most (not all) of the plastic storage containers in our cupboards. We’d love a few more!

  123. Emily

    Have long re-purposed my plastic-ware to holding my dgts’ origami papers, crayons, and various other art supplies. Also I try to limit my dependance on canned items due to plastic liners in the cans, so do can alot of the local produce that I’ve grown myself or bought from the other farmers.

  124. Lauren T

    We have gotten rid of my kiddos plastic cups and use glass or stainless steel. Also, we just let our kiddos use our plates and bowls. I have repurposed our plastic tupperware to hold kids stuff and try only to use glass for food.

  125. Patrick Farrington

    My wife and I are slowly replacing our plastic food storage containers with glass. They’re so much nicer and they really stand out in the fridge at work.

  126. We keep all of our dry goods in canning jars. The problem is sometimes we need them. So we’ve started replacing them with random glass jars that used to have storebought things in them or honey. It’s working okay but not ideal.

  127. Having been informed of the health risks, by my daughter, I’ve been making an effort to purge the kitchen of plastic containers. The search for glass or steel storage containers in thrift stores, has not been as fruitful as I would like. Finding those items requires being in the “right place at the right time”. I’ve also been more careful about purchasing foods sold in plastic containers, since these also end up washed and saved for storage.

  128. Rachel

    I got rid of all my plastic storage containers (replacing all with glass containers or mason jars)…that was a big change!

  129. Elizabeth N.

    I bought more glass containers for leftover so we aren’t using so many plastic bags (now i just need to replace those plastic bags).

  130. Jennifer

    we have to stick to budget but we’re slowly phasing out all plastics. i used to be a potter so we use a lot of my high fire mistakes which are food safe, just not so pretty… the hardest thing is toddler friendly safe kitchen ware and storage containers… we’re switching over one piece at a time.

  131. Sarah B

    I’ve almost completely cut out tupperware for food storage, but could use a few more glass bowls to completely make the switch.

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