Recipe Index: Preserves

Happy Friday, all! You may notice, in the top navigation menu, a new page called “recipes.” I’ve been working on a recipe index for some time now, in my spare moments between cooking, longing for Spring, researching cholesterol, and inventing new ways to screw up marmalade. (Oh, and that job that actually pays the bills. There’s that, too.) But I’m happy to announce that at least one piece of the puzzle is complete: a single page with every preserving recipe on the site, listed by main ingredient.

I’ve included not just canning recipes, but all forms of preserving: dried fruit & herbs, fermented fruit (booze), vegetables (pickles) and wine (vinegar), dairy (butter & cheese), and my go-to vegetable preserving tactics, including large batch soups and stew bases to tuck away in the freezer for the inevitable long winter.

There is necessarily some repetition: strawberry rhubarb jam will be listed under both “rhubarb” and “strawberry” categories. And I’m sure that this is the type of thing that will be out of date in a matter of days; but I will do my best to update it periodically, in between foraging for wild berries and inventing new ways to screw up ketchup.

The full recipe index is still under construction: the recipes are all there for you to see, but I am working on building the links. For the time being, surf around the two new pages and check it out. Do let me know if there is an organization method, category, or style that would be most useful. I’d be happy to hear any feedback.


  1. Casey DelliCarpini

    I for one will appreciate the repetition – it would be just the kind of thing I would do to say “oh I want to make that strawberry thing!” and then not look under the rhubarb section that it was listed under.

    Also, and I haven’t looked yet, but I hope you have a section for “inedibles” that will have your fantabulous recipes for things such as hand lotion!

  2. this is so great kaela! your preserves have always inspired me – how convenient (and impressive) to find them all in one place!

    p.s. casey’s icon wins.

  3. MC

    Nice. I am really enjoying peeking around your blog. I am certainly excited to put these canning tips and recipes to use. Thank you!

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