Use It or Lose It! December/January Round-Up

It’s been nearly two months since my last Use It or Lose It! post: where has the time gone? Certainly I’ve been opening jars and using ’em up; it’s just that, if it’s not a new recipe, I don’t think about keeping track, or mentioning it on the blog. So I thought I would do a round-up of what I did with my bounty over the food- and fun-filled holiday season.

When people ask me how I can stand to eat locally throughout the long New York winter, I often say that we could live, and live well, for months on what we have in the larder. Most of the recipes highlighted below took nary a trip to the store; with onions, garlic, meat and cheese from my winter farmer’s market, and once-a-month staples like sugar and nuts from Trader Joe’s, we do just fine. Just fine indeed.

How about you: have you made anything great from your jarred goodies? Seen an inspiring recipe? Please share in comments!


Stuff in Jars

Root Cellared, Frozen or Dried


Pomegranate Jam Hearts from Food Republik (image Food Republik)

Elsewhere on the Web


  1. Holy moly! What a round up. It’s so cool to use all these goodies. I feel so great when I pour a jar out and make something from it. On my Use it or Lose It list is your Oven Braised Barbeque Chicken ( – a recipe I adore for it’s delicious simplicity, and the other version I’ve made with it: add a pint of tomatillo salsa verde to it instead of bbq sauce and you’ve got a great meal on top of rice, and leftovers make some awesome enchiladas verdes! Score!

  2. I tell you, few things give me more joy than emptying jars. It’s even more fun than filling them. 🙂

    One thing I need to do is go through the blog and tag all the old recipes that are Use it or Lose it worthy. And yes, that salsa verde trick works great with pork shoulder too; essentially the same as my child verde base.

  3. i’m so with you on the excitement of finishing a jar. those top photos could be in my house!

    ooh, and your roasted pumpkin soup looks like i need to make it this weekend – i have 4 dining room table pumpkins that are getting mighty grouchy!

    • That pumpkin soup is such a good recipe (and I can say that ’cause it’s all Michel Nischan; I don’t think I made any real changes to his original). I had a guest at our Christmas party tell me: “This is not only the best pumpkin soup I’ve ever had, it’s the best SOUP I’ve ever had.” Thrilled me down to my toes. 🙂

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