South Africa Bound

Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg

Though the magic of Interweb (and WordPress) technology, I am comin’ to you cordless; from 36,000 feet. Or thereabouts.  I’m currently somewhere over the Atlantic (I hope!), noodling my way towards Johannesburg, South Africa, for the World Cup.  I’ll be living & breathing football (soccer, to us Yank hooligans), along with most of the rest of the world, for the next month: the Cup kicks off  with the opening match (Mexico vs. South Africa) on June 11th and culminates with the championship final on July 11th.  Always a month jam-packed full of shocking results, breathtaking goals, and through balls pretty enough to make you weep.  (And boys, running around in white shorts.  I won’t lie – it’s a plus.) 

I’ll be all over the country: Johannesburg, Cape Town, a safari near Kruger National Park and a sidle down towards Swaziland.  I’ll watch a lot of football, but also try to visit some wineries, climb some mountains, and, of course, eat some great local food.  Posts will continue here at Local Kitchen: I have a few things lined up in the queue to keep you from getting bored. Also, I hope to be able to report on the local food scene in South Africa: interesting meals, restaurants, and ingredients, maybe even a farmer’s market or two.  In the meantime – enjoy your June – and I’ll be back Stateside sometime in July.

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