Seedling Update: 29 March 2009

0141There’s a whole lotta transplantin’ goin’ on!  Three weeks in and the tomato seedlings need transplanting.  I’ve read to transplant when there are two “true” leaves (the leaves that come out after the first set of leaves, the cotelydon), and  when there are four true leaves.  Some of my tomato plants had two, some had four; but all were pretty leggy, due to spending the first day or two after germaintion without much light, and so were blocking the shorter seedlings from getting light.  Off they go into new pots!0221

I use anything that is around to transplant into; yogurt cups, a saline bottle cut in half, the bottoms of Poland Spring bottles, and some old plastic pots from last summer. The main point when transplanting tomatoes is to remember that the entire stem can produce roots; therefore, every time you transplant, you should remove the bottom two or four leaves, and bury the entire stem (wrapping or troughing the stem into the next pot, if necessary) to promote strong root growth.





Tomato seedling transplant, buried all the way to the first set of true leaves.

The peppers are not yet ready for transplanting, only two tiny true leaves showing on most seedlings, and the same could be said of the lemon basil.  The rosemary is growing very slowly; I’ve always heard that they were difficult to start from seed (germination rate was quite low, maybe 40%), so we shall see how it goes.

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Tiny lemon basil seedlings, over-shadowed by tomatoes.

Tiny lemon basil seedlings, over-shadowed by tomatoes.

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