Oh, does a locavore crave the coming of Spring! Crisp, pink radishes, sharp, oniony ramps, delectable asaparagus, ripe, red strawberries: after a long winter of squash & greens, Nature busts out her best for the Gentle Season. And while summer can see us drowning under the bounty of the CSA, the farmer’s market, and the fields, Spring is all about foraging for fresh wild things: dandelion and mustard greens, wild chives and purslane, edible flowers and weeds galore.

Spring. Dig in.



Appetizers, Sides & Salads



Desserts & Snacks


Peruse the preserves index for: strawberries, rhubarb, fresh herbs & flowers, ramps, scallions & leeks, radishes and early Spring leafy greens.

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