#marmapalooza2014 Labels!

marmalade-labelsBecause I love you, because I love marmalade season, (and because I’m procrastinating doing the dishes), I made you some labels: simply download, print, and write in the variety of marmalade in the space on the left. Ta-da! Your marm has never looked jazzier.

I use the 2 ½-inch round labels from Avery: this download fits the white labels, #5294, but should also fit generic label brands that come 12 to a page. (I like the brown kraft labels as well, but the yellow ink doesn’t show up well on those). These labels fit exactly around the edges on a regular-mouth Ball jar lid, or nicely inside on a wide-mouth lid.

When printing the PDF from Adobe, be sure to set “page scaling” under “page handling” in the Printer dialog box to “none;” otherwise the labels will not line up properly. Of course, be sure to set your printer for color printing (I also like to set “quality” to “high.”) These will print right to the edge of the label, so on a regular-mouth jar, the edges will be slightly obscured when you put a band on. Since I know all you smart doobies are storing your jars without the bands, that shouldn’t be an issue!

Happy marming!

Click the link here to download   >>>>   Marm-tastic labels!



  1. Lisa

    I love your Marmalade labels, thank you so much for sharing! Is there any chance you could share a Strawberry Jam label in the same design and font?? Or are you able to tell me what font you’ve used? I’ve just made up a batch of strawberry jam and would love to have the same labels as the Marmalade ones!

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