Put ’em Up! Fruit: Winner!

putemup!Congratulations to CINNAMON, commenter #22 and winner of a free copy of Put ’em Up! Fruit, courtesy of Storey Publishing. Like many of you, Cinnamon likes to use up the last bits of jam in the jar by stirring it into plain yogurt:

The easiest “use it up” trick I have is adding my jams to plain yogurt for the kiddos. In fact, we only ever buy plain, because I know there is always something to put in it at home. (And some day I will start making my own yogurt too.)

Cinnamon, please keep an eye on your email: I’ll be getting in touch soon for an address to mail you your prize. Thanks to all who entered and to Storey for sponsoring the giveaway. Happy Monday!


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