Happy Love Day

Photo credit, Gabe McClintock, Perspectiveye Photography, Calgary, Canada

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s such a hokey, Hallmark, twee sort of holiday, and unlike other holidays, it seems so much more difficult to make it your own: to celebrate love in your own way, with or without chocolate, or flowers, or cheesy red hearts. Maybe it’s just my contrarian nature: the mere fact of someone telling me that this is the one day that you must celebrate love makes me feel, well… unlovey.

Love, however: love rocks. I’m a big fan. And in my opinion, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about a boyfriend or girlfriend, partner or spouse; it can be about a child or a parent, a favorite uncle or a godmother, your dog, your cat, your favorite plant. Love really does make everything better and whether it is your partner in life or the barista at your favorite coffee shop, your oldest and dearest friend or someone you’ve just met, I say spread the love around. The world can always use more.

One of the best ways I know to show someone you love them is to cook for them: it doesn’t have to be chocolate, and it doesn’t have to be heart-shaped (although I sometimes do that, when the mood strikes), it just has to be made with love. I’m planning on making these shortbread cookies for my Valentine today; and even though they will include chocolate, I refuse (refuse I tell you!) to cut them into heart shapes. So there.

Happy Love Day, everyone. May your celebrations be joyous, and all your own.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our utterly fantastic wedding photographer, Gabe, artist behind the image above. We were so lucky to have found him for our wedding in the wilds of Canada last year; not only is he an amazingly talented photographer, he managed to make our photo session not the torture-fest that I was dreading, but actually an enjoyable experience, and one of my fondest memories from our wedding day. Check out his images at the perspectiveye blog.


  1. I have a wonderful heart shaped pie plate that has an arrow that pokes through from one side to the other – absolutely adorable…some old pyrex-ish thing I got at a yard sale a couple years ago…I’m going to have to use it tonight. I use in the summer for berry pies when I want to spread the love.

    I don’t think that anyone but the retailers are telling us that this is the one day we have to celebrate, but I take it as a reminder, just like Christmas reminds us of being kind and about the winter solstice and Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful for things we have on our table and in our lives.

    All the holidays are ruined by those who wish to capitalize on them, but I choose to remember them in my own way and remember those around me and give them just a bit more love that usual.

  2. What a beautiful photo! I totally agree about V-day. I’m tired of all the materialism and heart shaped crap that seem to go along with that day. I did however make a lovely roasted lamb dinner for my wonderful fiance. Quality time together and a good meal is my way of celebrating our love.

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