Informal Poll: Name that Blog!

So, I need to upgrade the blog soon, because I am running out of disk storage space (can you believe it? It feels like yesterday she was just a wee babe… <sniff>) and I decided it made sense to register my own domain name at the same time; easier than all that jazz. Naturally, because this is the way that my life goes, is taken. Not that it’s a website or anything; someone just has the domain name, and though I love the blog dearly, I am not prepared to shell out hundreds of bucks simply to get the best domain name. (Interestingly,, and all versions of are also taken. Do I know my branding or do I know my branding?).

So a question for you, my loyal readers: if I register my own domain, which of the below choices do you like best?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

And for amusement factor, these are some of the funnier “alternatives” suggested by the domain search engine:

  • localgalley
  • localsnackbar
  • homegirlskitchen
  • closekitchen
  • nearkitchen

I think “localgalley” cracks me up the most, because I can only envision me dressed up as a pirate and trying to cook in the galley of an ancient wooden boat ship schooner. Avast, me hearties, and avail yerself o’ me toothsome local grub!

So, what shall it be me hearties? Please place your votes in the comments below. (I’m just warming you up for the real vote coming up in a few weeks. But of course, I think my choices are better….)


  1. I vote for…, I guess.

    Also, my was taken originally. You can check when the owner’s registration expires though using the Who-Is search engine on Looks like expires on 9/18/2011 unfortunately… So you’d have to wait until then to buy the domain. If it expired in the next few months I would have said to just wait and get it then!

  2. Nancy or… although I do like “nearkitchen” too. Ha ha, how on earth did they come up with that one?

  3. would seem to be the most organic choice. We all know you as a blog, not as a web site or org, etc., and the leading “a” will make you harder to find by those of us with vague memories when we tell others. 2nd choice would be alocalkitchen

  4. Casey

    I like nearkitchen, too. The website suggestion people are clearly using the Word thesaurus feature!! Otherwise, But nearkitchen, seriously, it’s like your own little inside joke…

  5. Kim

    homegirlskitchen!! seriously, that one is totally the best!

    i guess other than that one, I think .org implies that it is some sort of charity thing, although you do bring attention to lots of local resources in your area.

  6. Monica

    Definitely do local galley. You can make your whole website pirate themed. I immediately thought of your Pirate Peaches and remembered you mentioning in that post how you were talking in a pirate voice when you made them. I think that would be hilarious. I guess you couldn’t put that giant octopus on your page though since that would probably infringe on some copyrights or something…

    For real though, I vote A, D or E. I think “.org” should really be reserved for organizations. If for no other reason than for common sense/ease of remembering.

  7. I like I also really like, for the record.

    I’m less a fan of .net because I think it’s less intuitive when people are searching around in their brains for it.

  8. ha — homegirlskitchen — that’s got to be my fav but since that breaks with your “brand” I guess I’d say pick or

  9. Anduin

    A or E

    The .net is good if you ever want to expand beyond a blog. The other option if you start with and want to expand is to eventually buy the domain name sans blog as well. It wouldn’t be a terrible option to eventually own both and

  10. Definitely localkitchenblog — take it from a seasoned web professional — .us is too unfamiliar, .org is really not right for who you are/what you do, and .net is just always the kiss of death. 🙂

  11. Reading Local Kitchen so many times has made me question whether they are words at all! Kitchen? What’s a kitchen? I think you have the best pirate accent out there, so I vote Local Galley. Besides, I don’t know what a kitchen is.

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