Fork, Cape Town

Fork is a small tapas bar on Long Street, the main drag in downtown Cape Town, South Africa. We spent a brilliant evening there a couple of days ago, watching the Italy vs. Paraguay game in their small and intimate downstairs dining room, chatting with British & Swiss football fans and enjoying some excellent food and wine.

Fork only has tapas, which is a style of dinner that I love, especially in a foreign country when you may want to try a local specialty but not spend $50 for a plate of bush antelope or Indian Ocean fish that you may or may not like.  We had Butternut Squash with Hummus and Pine Nuts, Fried Goat Cheese served on Sun-Dried Tomato Biscuits and Port & Onion Marmalade (a use for all that allium marmalade?), Crispy Asparagus and Parmesean Rolls, and Artichoke and Pecorino Salad for starters.  With a lovely glass of bubbly to wash down the tapas and some inspired play by the Paraguayans, it was a fabulous first half.

Still hungry, we moved on to Pan-Seared Ostrich with Sweet and Sour Chutney and Roasted Broccoli. We tried a couple of South African pinotage wines, but nothing inspired until a lovely, drinkable, and reasonably priced shiraz (which I would surely share with you, if I could remember the name). We finished with cappucinos, Flourless Chocolate Cake, tequila shots with the Swiss and a draw by Paraguay.  All in all, a fantastic night.  If you happen to be in Cape Town, or are over here for the Cup, I highly recommend it.

Check out Fork’s great website for pictures & menus.

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