HVP products recalled due to salmonella

HVP is hydrolyzed vegetable protein and is used in numerous processed foods as a flavor and texture enhancer. Manufactuer Basic Food Flavors has recalled lots of HVP due to salmonella contamination; over 10,000 products are suspected to be impacted, including snack foods (chips, pretzels, etc.), soup base and mix, fresh and powdered dips, salad dressings, marinades and seasonings (including bouillon), and some frozen foods (taquitos and quesadillas).

Check the FDA’s recall page here.

Check HVP product list here or here or search the FDA’s database here.

Since we buy so little processed food, there is nothing (yet) on the list that affects us. There are, however, a couple of organic products on the list (Trader Joe’s organic creamy ranch dressing is one) so double check your processed foods even if organic.  If you have one of the recalled products, either throw it away (do not compost, for fear of contaminating your compost with salmonella) or return to your market for a refund.

Image from here.

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