Beauty, Bloggy-Style

The lovely and talented Tigress nominated me, along with 6 others, for a Beautiful Blogger award.  Now that the blushing is over with, it’s time to pass along the bloggy love.

The Rules: Nominate 7 blogs that are beautiful. Send thanks (Thanks, Tigress!) and a link back to the person who nominated you. Share 7 things ‘interesting’ about yourself.

So… there are a number of blogs that I visit on a routine basis.  Some of them don’t need me telling them they are beautiful, given the gizillion people a day who read blogs like 101 Cookbooks, Smitten Kitchen or The Pioneer Woman.  But some, well, maybe you haven’t stumbled across them yet. Or maybe you did, once, but you forgot to bookmark it and forgot all about it.  Or maybe you also go there often and you’ll think, “Yay! I love that blog too!”

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, I nominate the following Beautiful Bloggers:

  1. Chookooloonks.  Gorgeous photography, inspiring prose, jammin’ tunes.  I’ve awarded Karen before, so it’s kind of cheating but.. I do love this blog.
  2. (not so) Urban Hennery. Beautiful photography that makes me long to live on a horse farm. The Dark Days challenge and the fun community that brings.  And yummy recipes.
  3. The Kitchen Sink.  Lovely, lovely recipes and stories of Kristin’s life in Chicago that make you feel like you’re sitting in her kitchen, chatting over tea.
  4. This is Reverb.  Pastor Ryan cooks, photographs, and raises the most adorable kids on the planet, all with serious flair.  Check it out.
  5. Soccer by Ives.  To feed my other passion. Soccer news & commentary with an American voice.
  6. Code Sparrow. Cryptogram puzzles of the day’s funniest Tweets.  A great procrastination machine and always good for a laugh.
  7. Well Preserved. A blog I found recently on Tigress’ blogroll and one that I’ve been enjoying. It chronicles the preserving adventures of a “designer and not a designer” and there always seems to be a funny story, a good tip or a beautiful photo.  I’m particularly envious of the Great Wall of Preserves.

And 7 interesting things about me? Hmmmm:

  1. I’m an outdoor adventure junkie who enjoys rock & ice climbing, mountain biking, surfing, white water kayaking, hiking, scuba diving… the list is ever growing.
  2. My husband is a trained pastry chef.  I have a good friend who owns restaurants in Manhattan and another who owns one in Connecticut.  While I’ve picked up tips & tricks from each of these folks, I’m essentially a self-trained cook.  My Mom is a horrible cook, I never remember my Grandmother cooking a single thing… I think I learned to cook in self-defense.
  3. I grew up in Gloucester, MA (yes, that one).  We were overfishing George’s Bank back in the mid 70’s. We’re still overfishing George’s Bank today.
  4. In my freshman year of college, I shaved my head (it was a look that worked with my 7 safety pin earrings).  Waking up with a massive ScrewBu hangover (orange juice & Malibu rum <shudder>), in my bathrobe, on the cool, cool floor of my dorm’s bathroom, with no hair is a, ahem, vivid memory.
  5. I am an independent consultant for the pharmaceutical industry. Not all of us are evil. Some of us are actually trying to cure disease. Hire me!
  6. I am the only person I know who has never seen American Idol, Survivor or Lost.  TV’s just not my gig, although I was addicted to Twin Peaks back in the day.
  7. I’ve traveled to England, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Korea and Japan to watch soccer. I have ‘football mates’ all over the world.  I’m hoping to be in South Africa this summer for World Cup 2010.  The below shot is from my hometown team, the New England Revolution. I’m sure I’m in there somewhere.


  1. Amy

    I see you in the Fort photo! Two people up from #14 in the front row.

    I love my TV but I’ve never seen those TV shows either….maybe for a second when flipping.

  2. I’ve actually neer seen those shows either. I would rather be conducting some strange experiment in my kitchen than sitting in front of the tv. The computer, however, I have some serious addiction to…

    Thanks for the glimpse!

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