Leeeaaavvvvin’ on a Jet Plane


  • O, Canada!
  • Your flag is but a leaf. 
  • O, Canada!
  • You only drink O’Keefe.

~Soccer chant

We’re off – Calgary here we come!  That little building you see, on the shores of the pristine mountain lake, will host our wedding reception after (weather gods willing) we get married on the shore overlooking Emerald Lake in British Columbia’s beautiful Yoho National Park.

Posting will be slim for the next month or so, while we leisurely explore Alberta & British Columbia on our honeymoon.  I’ve a few things waiting in queue (see I’m already practising my non-American-english!) on the server so you don’t get too bored.  If I can, I’ll try to post on all the fabulous local Canadian food we encounter.  In the meantime, enjoy Fall wherever you may be (or Sping, for my south-of-the-border friends)!


The Bride-to-Beemerald-lake-2

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