Garden Update: 28 April 2009

appletree2Oh, Spring, wherefore art thou?  The calendar says it’s Spring.  The apple tree outside my window says it’s Spring.  The radishes, green garlic and chives at the farmer’s market say it’s Spring.  The thermometer?  Not so much.  86 degrees here today and sure to go up another couple of degrees – will we hit 90 again this week?  Ay, carumba.

This weekend was a busy one in the garden.  I tilled my (very) few “in-ground” plots; basically a couple of sandy/earthy spots alongside the deck, that might possibly get enough sun to grow something.  We’ll see; most of my yard is in shade due to lots of big trees (which I love, but which make a real in-ground garden impossible). I planted seeds for mammoth sunflower, Long Island cheese squash, borage, nasturtium, chives, cilantro, lemon balm, cumin, parsley and calendula.  I also planted seeds in many pots; some of the same seeds as above, but also purple Peruvian potatoes, Dragon carrots, Double Yield cucumbers, and spearmint.0181 I’ve used up most of the big pots and I haven’t even transplanted any tomatoes yet!  Obviously need to hit the antique store once again.0191

This is my first time direct-sowing seeds outdoors; last year I only did transplants.  I’m not really sure how they will fare, but I guess I will find out…

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  1. Kim

    I bought a packet of thai chili pepper seeds because I can’t find a plant anywhere, and I’m seriously doubting my ability to grow something from seed. It’s hard enough for me to get anything to live through the summer as it is! Good luck with your seeds!

  2. localkitchen

    Start ’em indoors (on top of the fridge is a nice warm spot) and then once they germinate, put them out in the sun. Heirloom pepper seeds can take up to 5 weeks(!) to germinate, so don’t give up hope! 🙂

    In other news, forecast is for 31(!) degrees tonight, so all my plants made the trek back indoors. I’m off to sunny Cali tomorrow, so I have to trust Tai not to kill the garden while I’m gone…

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