Pistachio Recall

pistachiosUPDATE: Dan Laiosa of Tierra Farm emailed me to say that their supply of pistachios is not being recalled and are safe to eat.  So, if you simply must have your pistachio fix, check out Tierra Farm!

  Just when you thought it was safe to eat trail mix againPistachio Recalls have been issued for Salmonella contamination; see the full list of affected products at the FDA’s pistachio recall page.  The list is being updated coninuously; FDA are recommending that consumers avoid all pistachio products until this is “sorted out.”  Organic Authority states that the company distributing the tainted pistachios, Setton Farms, produces both organic and non-organic pistachios.

The only local roaster of nuts that I know of is Tierra Farm in Valatie, NY (who sell the insanely addictive ginger-agave cashews at the Katonah-Lewisboro Farmer’s Market in season).  It’s probably early days yet for them to figure out the safety of their pistachios; I’ve dropped them an email, and will update this post if I hear back.

Hat-tip to my Mom for telling me this one!

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