Local Salt!

001Even my “100% local” meals are generally only 99.5% local as I refuse to cook without salt.  And even though I live not far from the mighty Atlantic, and you would think that someone, somewhere in my general neighborhood would be producing Atlantic sea salt, I’ve been unable to find it.  I bought some “Atlantic sea salt” only to find out that it was produced in Holland.  I had heard of Maine Sea Salt Company, but at $10/lb plus shipping, it was a little beyond my budget, and Maine is stretching things to be considered “local.” So, I’ve had to make do with non-local sea salt……until now!!

I proudly give you: Kenyon’s Sea Salt.  According to John Holbrook, of Holbrook Farm, in Bethel, CT, (where I purchased the salt today), the salt is evaporated from the ocean off the coast of Rhode Island, near Kenyon’s Grist Mill in Usquepaugh, RI, a mere 102 miles from me!  You can find the salt at Holbrook Farm, or purchase it on Kenyon’s website, and it’s a bargain at $5 for a pound and a half.

Yes, it’s somewhat (OK, maybe more than somewhat) ridiculous how happy this makes me.  But, WHOO HOOO!

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