Habanero Lime Chipotle Mustard

It’s that time of year again: while preserving the bounty of Fall continues (apples, quince, and pumpkins galore), the urgency has ramped down a notch and I have time to focus on replenishing Tai’s mustard supply. This batch started out as my standard habanero recipe, except I swapped tequila for vodka. As I was reducing it in the saucepan, that tequila must have been on my mind, because at the last minue I tossed in some lime juice and a […]

Pickled Chard Stems

Yesterday I scored a ridiculous amount of Spring bounty at the farmer’s market: asparagus and rhubarb, yes, but also ramps & fiddleheads, rainbow chard & curly kale, scallions, parsley & cilantro, two kinds of radishes (and of course the usual potatoes, onions and carrots). In addition to all that, thanks to Madura Farms’ greenhouses, I picked up the first Kirby cucumbers of the year, not to mention eggs, bread, butter, pork shoulder and sausage. Phew!  I could barely stuff it all into the […]

Chickpea & Spring Green Salad with Lemony Vinaigrette

Just the thing for Tax Day: a low-stress, quick & easy, protein, fiber and vitamin-packed, cheap one dish meal. Oh, yes, and it’s delicious too! I threw this quick & easy salad together the other night, thinking I was making enough for lunch leftovers, but it was so delicious that Tai & I polished off seconds and the whole bowl disappeared in no time. Even though I’ve been doing quite well on my resolution to use dried beans, I used canned […]

Can Jam: Roasted Garlic & Lemon Mustard

I’ve had to hold myself back for this month’s Can Jam; clearly, I’ve never met an allium I didn’t like.  I mean, come on: onions, scallions, leeks, chives, garlic, scapes, ramps, shallots – the list goes on and on and they are all delicious. Did you know that there are hundreds of varieties of wild alliums, and that nearly all are edible?  According to Wildman Steve Brill, “anything that smells like garlic or onion won’t kill you.”  This isn’t my first allium canning […]

Pink Pickled Shallots

Easiest. Canning. Ever. Really people, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Shallots, vinegar, water, honey. A couple of herbs, you know, just ’cause we can. (Ha! Get it? We can! Ah, I slay me.) Pack it all in a jar, process for 10 minutes, and hey! presto! you’re a canner.  Cross that off your life list. The devoted Local Kitchen reader (all 7 of you) may furrow your gentle brow, wondering why I would pickle shallots, knowing that I loathe all […]

No Peel ‘Em Apple Butter

I’ve made apple butter each autumn for three years in a row now. It’s truly a labor of love, as I don’t really like cooked apples (with one notable exception) of any variety.  I make applesauce, for my friend Christina, for the many, many babies in my life, and for baking. I make apple pies for friends, holidays and for Tai.  Apple butter is definitely the most labor-intensive of all of my apple-preserving tricks, due to the seemingly endless stirring, […]

Preserving Herbs

  Don’t let those overflowing garden herbs go to waste – with some easy preserving ideas, you can enjoy flavorful herbs all winter long.  ————————————————————- Preserving Herbs FREEZE Basics:  Follow the instructions for freezing vegetables, namely a quick blanche in boiling water followed by a ice-water bath.  Dry thoroughly, then freeze, either on the stem, loose leaves, or chopped, spooned into ice cube trays, and covered with filtered water or olive oil.  Also see a recipe for Chile Verde Base, which […]

Asparagus, Andouille & Spring Greens Frittata

Leftover grilled asparagus, kale & pastured eggs from Saturday’s farmer’s market, andouille sausage, and homemade mozzarella combined to make today’s lunch something special. ————————————————————– Asparagus, Andouille & Spring Greens Frittata INGREDIENTS bacon grease, lard or olive oil 2 lbs potatoes, scrubbed and diced to 1/2-inch 2 links (about 6 oz) andouille sausage, sliced in half lengthwise 1 large onion, diced 1 large bunch (about 1 lb) kale, chard or other leafy green, coarsely chopped about 12 stalks cooked asparagus, tips chopped to 3 […]

Three-Bean Veggie Burger

It’s weird to think that just today I was making fun of Guy Fieri on the Facebook page, yet when I first made these burgers, I had never heard of him. Oh, the innocence of the Aughts. Of course, it was the Tweens that brought us this gem of a review on Guy’s American Tourist Trap in Times Square: I’m a decade-is-half-full kind of girl. . . . I must admit, I’ve been pretty successful in my New Year’s resolution to […]