Citrus Saltines

I get a lot of questions from people asking how I use my citrus salt. I’ve got to admit, they sort of baffle me because, well, how do you use regular salt? That’s how you can use citrus salt. Use it in soups or stews, season meat, add it to bread, muffins or scones, garnish a salad or a baked potato or chocolate chip cookies. The uses for citrus salt are nearly as endless as for salt itself. There are […]

Lazy Citrus Salt

For the past few weeks, I’ve had a series of small bowls living at the end of my counter. They each contain a different citrus salt: grapefruit, blood orange, Meyer lemon, Kaffir lime. The levels of each go up and down as I juice a lemon, or eat a grapefruit, and add zest and salt to the pile, or pull out a pinch of the fragrant zest to add to a soup, curry or batch of scones. It may seem […]

Candied Fennel Stalks + Fennel Frond Salt

I’ve been on a bit of a fennel kick lately: not that I would ever consider the dreaded “D” word, but it’s nice to have something crisp and fresh and sweet yet mildly grassy after the excesses of the holidays. Fennel is pretty amazing in that every part of the plant is edible: bulb, stalks, fronds, seeds and pollen; and while they all have that distinctive licorice-y flavor, each part of the plant tastes subtly different, and the overall flavor is […]

The 10 Best Kitchen Tools You Don’t Have

A funny thing happens when you write a food blog: people get the impression that you know how to cook. Because, like so many of us these days, my friends & family are scattered far and wide, I do a fair bit of traveling to keep in touch with my nearest and dearest. And because I write about food a couple of times a week, most of these folks have figured it out: I cook. Quite a bit, actually. Invariably, […]

Salted Cranberry Grapefruit Jam

Cranberries. Rio red grapefruit. Salt. Booze. If I could somehow cram bacon and popcorn in there, I may just spend the rest of my life hiding in a closet with this jam. And a spoon. I almost forgot this year about my standing order of organic cranberries from Cranberry Hill Farm in Plymouth, MA; which seems crazy, considering how much I love them. But between work, the holidays, being in Maine with Grandma, and a few other curveballs that life […]


Blood orange and Rio Red grapefruit, Meyers and Mandarins, kumquats and Cara Caras and lemons galore: for a local eater in New York, I sure am fond of citrus. Though citrus doesn’t grow here in the Northeast (at least not outdoors), it does have a season, and winter is it. I’m happy to ship citrus from sunnier climes as a once-a-year indulgence and while I do use lemons in my cooking year-round, winter is the time to really indulge in […]

Plum, Nectarine & Chile Jam

I’ve been a slacker on putting up fruit this summer. Sure, I picked some strawberries: but I only got 10 lbs and I froze most of those (though I did make two small batches of jam, including a strawberry, rhubarb & ginger knockout that I never got around to telling you about). There was a ton of rhubarb, and 40 lbs of cherries, so maybe I just petered out early? Because blueberries have passed me by, except for a early, short […]


Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime, summertime! Lest you think that all we eat come summertime at Local Kitchen is jam and pickles, think again! Easy, breezy salads, whipped up from whatever is in the fridge, nicely charred sausages or chicken on the grill, sweet corn, fragrant basil and heavenly, heavenly tomatoes: summer food is all about indulgence. SUMMER FAVORITES Breakfast 10-Minute Sour Cherry Bam! Black Currant Scones Lemon Black Cherry Muffins  Orange Muffins with Blackberry Surprise Mini Zucchini Quick Breads Wild Blueberry & […]


Oh, does a locavore crave the coming of Spring! Crisp, pink radishes, sharp, oniony ramps, delectable asaparagus, ripe, red strawberries: after a long winter of squash & greens, Nature busts out her best for the Gentle Season. And while summer can see us drowning under the bounty of the CSA, the farmer’s market, and the fields, Spring is all about foraging for fresh wild things: dandelion and mustard greens, wild chives and purslane, edible flowers and weeds galore. Spring. Dig in. […]


Winter: snow falling, fires crackling, nose nipping, cocoa steaming. After the rush of summer and fall preserving, winter is a glorious time to cook. It’s toastily pleasant to have the oven on, warming up the kitchen, for those long, slow braises and savory roasted vegetables. It’s a time to sit back, relax, and reap the benefits of all of your hard-earned putting up over the growing months and for visiting with family and friends and enjoying one of the greatest pleasures in life: a truly good […]

Holiday Party Food

Happy December, all! It’s been awfully quiet around here of late: since I started the blog nearly three years ago, I don’t think I’ve ever gone for two weeks without posting. But a bum ankle is keeping me out of the kitchen and a string of lackluster recipe attempts (good, but not great, slow-roasted spareribs; not-quite-fluffy-enough cornmeal biscuits; baby-food-esque carrot soup) have not inspired me to share. It is also, of course, the Craziest Happiest Time of The Year, and I’ve […]


Ah, fall. Changing leaves, bright blue sky, crisp sweater-weather, apple picking, hayrides and pumpkins galore. As if it could get any better, my birthday, my wedding anniversary, Halloween and Thanksgiving! I don’t like to play favorites, because I love all the seasons, but, like the mother who won’t admit that a certain youngest-in-the-family and we-didn’t-think-we’d-ever-have-a-boy child is really her favorite (I’m looking at you, Mom), if I’m honest with myself, fall is my favorite. And it’s not just the weather […]

Strawberry Jam with Mint, Basil & Habanero

It’s cruel to do this to you, I know, since strawberries are long gone in most parts of America. But I still have some fresh, local strawberries in the fridge (albeit they are starting to look a little peaky), and they are just coming into full season for our friends in the North. If you are one of the lucky ones that still has fresh strawberries in your neighborhood, or one of the industrious ones who put-up a few pounds in […]


The recipe index is live! Feel free to offer any feedback; categories you would like highlighted (vegetarian? quick & easy? holiday?), organization that would make the index more useful, shock & awe at my deep and abiding love of the scone. SEASONAL Spring Summer Fall Winter INGREDIENT Citrus Leafy Greens Tomatoes PRESERVES Individual preserve recipes are listed on the Preserves page and are not listed separately here. Preserves page Freezing Vegetables Preserving Apples Preserving Cherries Preserving Herbs Preserving Rhubarb Preserving […]

The Other Football

Haven’t decided yet what you’re cooking for the Superbowl? Just in case the other 7,000 “big game” round-ups out there haven’t inspired, here are a few ideas from my kitchen. Enjoy the game tomorrow tonight – and since I have lots of friends from Pennsylvania (and not so many in Wisconsin) – Go Steelers although I live in New York, I was born & raised in Boston: Go Pats! ———————————————————– Finger Food Nachos (wow ’em with homemade Refried Beans and homemade Corn Tortilla chips!) Crispy Baked […]