Restaurant-Style Tomato Salsa

Every year it seems, I try out a new canned salsa recipe: one glance at the tomato page will tell you that plenty of them have made it to this space. Some, like salsa verde and grilled corn salsa, earn “instant classic” status and are a must-make on the yearly canning agenda. Others, like basic red salsa and roasted tomato & chipotle salsa, get tweaked slightly every year, depending on availability of ingredients, my schedule and mood. But despite having so […]

Basic Red Salsa

I realized the other day, when in possession of a bushel of organically grown tomatoes from Fishkill Farms I started thinking about my must-haves for tomato preserving this year, that I had never published my basic red salsa recipe. There are lots of salsa recipes represented here at Local Kitchen, both fresh & canned: witness the ludicrously spicy 9-chile salsa, the smoky-sweet grilled corn salsa, a roasted tomato & chipotle salsa, and the my-Spanish-gender-agreement-sucks salsa rojo. There is the classic […]

Shiro Plum & White Corn Salsa

It’s getting hot again, my friends: 95 degrees is tomorrow’s forecast in my tree-lined corner of New York. To me, this is becoming an annoyingly recurring theme: I mean, there are only so many lime popsicles a girl can eat before she starts craving real food. Luckily, a few days ago when it wasn’t quite so hot (a mere 87 degrees!), I simmered up a big batch of chile verde, with Flying Pigs pork shoulder and chile verde base put […]

Use It or Lose It! Salsa-Braised Turkey Breast with Chile & Citrus Peel

Take half a turkey breast: brown the outside. Add it to a pot with liquid and vegetables. Simmer. Rest meat, reduce sauce, serve. Such a simple procedure and one I’ve done many times, often, like now, when I have things that need clearing out of the fridge and freezer: an open pint of salsa; a gallon Ziploc full of fat, frozen jalapeños; another jammed with citrus peels. It’s generally tasty, sometimes ugly, but almost always satisfying in the filling-up and using-up categories. Occasionally, […]

Grilled Corn Salsa

I know, I know: it’s after Labor Day, kids are back in school, vacations are over. But it is still technically summer for another precious few weeks and summer produce is still at farmer’s markets: peaches, tomatoes and corn. Sweet, sweet corn. As a kid, I loved corn. It was my favorite vegetable, something even my Mom’s cooking couldn’t screw up. In fact, my all-time favorite meal back then was Shake N Bake chicken legs, corn (typically boiled from frozen) […]

Fresh Cranberry Salsa

Having a last-minute Thanksgiving? Relax – you are not alone. I just tested out this fresh cranberry salsa for my own Thanksgiving table: it took me under 23 minutes from start to finish (yes, I timed myself) and that included rooting around in the Thanksgiving-stuffed fridge for ingredients, searching the packed-to-the-gills utensil drawer for the apple corer (and eventually turning it up in the dishwasher – oops), weighing the ingredients, and jotting down the recipe for you, the time-stressed Thanksgiving cook. […]

Salsa Rojo

A basic red salsa with a nod to Mexico: grilled corn, guajillo chile, cumin and cilantro. Corn in salsa? Why, yes, thank you for noticing. I’m not sure why you never seem to find corn included in salsa recipes, since corn and tomatoes are such a natural pair. Maybe it’s because salsa always seems to be served with corn: corn tortillas, chips, nachos, etc. But I got it into my head to add some of Tai’s delicious grilled corn to […]

Salsa Verde

All the cool kids are doing it. My version of salsa verde – long live the tomatillo! Adapted from Tomatillo Salsa in The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, J. Kingry & L. Devine, eds. ——————————————————— Salsa Verde INGREDIENTS 4 cups (about 2  lbs husked) tomatillos, husked, rinsed and finely chopped 1/2 cup red onion, diced to 1/4-inch (about 1 tennis ball-sized) 1/2 cup Cubanelle peppers (or green bell peppers), diced to 1/4-inch 1/2 cup minced jalapeno & long green chile peppers, […]

9-Chile Salsa

A spicy tomato salsa to liven up your Monday…2 months from now. If you haven’t noticed by now, I love the hot stuff: spicy salsa, Tabasco, wing sauce, soup, stew, BBQ and vindaloo. Even chiles in my jam! I’ve never met a chile pepper I didn’t like, not even that scotch bonnet I ate at House of Blues in Harvard Square back in ’92 (the waiter, looking appalled: “But it’s just a garnish! You’re not supposed to eat it!” “Then, why,” ask […]

Peach Salsa for Canning, Revisited

Ironically enough, the day we went peach picking a couple of weeks ago at Fishkill Farm, we came home, had an impromptu barbecue with our friend Alison, and opened a jar of last year’s peach salsa (rather than boiling a big pot of water, peeling peaches, and making a fresh batch). While it is still quite tasty after a year on the shelf, the salsa has definitely mellowed (it seemed just a bit too sweet and not nearly spicy enough) and […]

Can Jam: Roasted Tomato & Chipotle Salsa

Tomatoes are amazing, aren’t they? Red, pink, orange, yellow… black, purple, green, striped, or volunteer, I love ’em all. And despite their precarious perch on the cusp of safe acidity levels for water-bath canning, there are a million lovely ways to preserve them: whole or crushed, basic pureé or fresh-herb sauce, fire-roasted or fiery wing sauce. And of course: salsa. I’ve preserved a few salsas in my time; it’s one of those recipes you have to be careful with, because […]

Fresh Peach Salsa

Can you tell I’ve had a lot of peaches in the house?  And there are still nectarines in the fridge… stay tuned. Tai’s first comment on tasting this salsa was “How can this be possible?”  Followed shortly by “Maybe I’ve just never had a good peach before.”  Granted, Tai is not difficult to please (one of the reasons he is so much fun to cook for), but I have to agree with him – this salsa came out really good.  Fresh, […]

Peach Salsa

Note: Make sure to check out the updated version of this recipe, with tasting notes on the effects of shelf storage and mellowing. ————————————– I went out to Fishkill Farms the other day, to pick blackberries, and came home not only with 11 pounds of berries, but a big bag of peaches and some early Paula Red apples.  Since the berries freeze well, while peaches do not, I decided to freeze most of the berries (the ones we didn’t eat!) […]

Fresh Cantaloupe Salsa

After a cool, damp weekend, with honking geese flying overhead each evening, it felt like an early winter was knocking at the door.  Lo and behold my surprise to wake up this morning to sticky humidity and a forecast of 88 degrees!  I guess summer is not completely done with us yet. This fresh salsa is exactly what the doctor ordered for a sticky, hot August summer day: cool, crisp, tasty and takes about 10 minutes to prepare, with not […]

Grilled Salsa Chicken & Fire-roasted Corn

Just in time for a gorgeous, sunny Spring weekend: quick & easy grilled marinated chicken and roasted corn – the flavors of summer (without the 98% humidity!). Given how simple this meal is, it’s unbelievable how flavorful it is.  The corn is a revelation; pure summer, captured at it’s peak last August and roasted over smoky coals until the flavor makes you want to write an opera (Ode To Corn?  A-Maizing Maize? Corn Cob Blues?  OK, I’ll stop now). Seriously, […]